FBI Young Guns

Under the watchful eye of the original founders , John Ross ‘JR’ Appleton and professional golfer Mostyn Farmer, the FBI Young Guns are a group of young people in business who meet regularly to learn from and discuss the classics of personal development and motivation.

Over time, we have distilled, discussed, debated and presented the works of Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn and others. In addition to the knowledge imparted, and the wisdom gained, we have formed a powerful networking group of enterprising young people who enjoy each other’s company and thrive on challenge.

We get used to standing up and speaking. We prepare ourselves for the world of commerce by sharing, supporting and encouraging each other. And the cost? Knowledge should be free and available … and with the Young Guns it is!

The story behind the creation of the Young Guns is fully covered in ‘Old Masters, Young Guns’.

Feel free to join us for a Young Guns session soon or email john@johnross.com.au for more information.