FBI Institute

When positive people get together, great things happen!

Many great business ideas, concepts and fledgling enterprises never reach the light of day because there is no-one around to support, advise and provide trustworthy third party guidance in the fragile early stages.

The FBI Institute was formed in response to a profound need John Ross perceived in the marketplace. The aim of the Institute is to support free enterprise and provide a support mechanism for entrepreneurs who are looking for a sounding board and access to ideas and expertise.

The services of our organisation include:

  • Access to FBI Mastermind alliance to help you ‘open doors’ and explore new directions for creating abundant wealth and success
  • Professional networking events with influential business people you may not otherwise meet
  • Mastermind workshops to maximise the FBI ‘Fingerprint for Success’
  • Development training to help you become a leader – a wealth creator in amazingly short time
  • Resource development and seminars about fire extinguisher service across Australia to reinforce that all achievement, all earned riches, have their beginnings in an idea!
  • Mentoring of gifted youth in business to ‘put back’ into the community
  • Support for charities includes ‘Make a Wish Australia’ and ‘Variety’ – the children’s charity

For more information. visit us at http://www.fbiperth.com.au/